The Permanent Secretariat shall be established as and its Office shall be in a full member Country and may be shifted to any other Full Member country, in emergency cases considered by the Heads of Delegations Meeting upon decision of a quorum of two thirds.

Office of the Permanent Secretariat

The Office of the Permanent Secretariat consists of:

  • Secretary General.
  • Secretariat Office.
  • Department of Plans & Programmers.
  • Department of Information, Studies and Researches.
  • Department of Operations.

Secretary General

  • The Secretary General shall head the Permanent Secretariat and be the Chief Administrative Officer of the Association.
  • The Secretary General shall be appointed by the Heads of Delegations Meeting for a period of 3 (three) years and be designated among nationals of the Full Members and may be extended to another period/ periods.
  • The Secretary General is entitled to choice his staff to help him from full member Countries nationals.

Duties of the Secretary General

  1. The Secretary General shall have such duties as may be assigned to him and shall manage the activities of the Association in accordance with the approved plans.
  2. Without prejudice to what is set forth in item (1) above the Secretary General shall have the following duties:
  • Following up the execution of the Heads of Delegations Meeting decisions;
  • Performing the technical and administrative functions of the Association, as well as those entrusted to him by the Heads of Delegations Meeting or the Chairman of the Association;
  • Preparing and circulating the necessary documents and the agenda of the Heads of Delegations Meeting, and coordinating with the Conference Secretariat of the host country;
  • Proposing the annual budget of the Association to the Heads of Delegations Meeting for decision;
  • Administering the budget of the Association under the supervision of the Chairman of the Association and submitting the financial report to the Heads of Delegations Meeting, including audited annual accounts for the year under review.
  • Reporting to the Heads of Delegations Meeting the activities undertaken by the Association since the preceding meeting;
  • Keeping records of the Association.
  • Full coordination with the Headquarters Country in all the Association’s activities.
  • Preparing final accounts of the current financial year.
  • Preparing financial and administrative system which steer the Association’s work as well as preparing the publications of the Association and publishing them in coordination with the Secretary General.
  • Appointing necessary staff for the Association and considering their disciplinary measures, suspension and dismissal.
  • Seeking the assistance of experts and legal staff he deems appropriate.

Permanent Secretariat Structure

Department of Plans & Programmers

  • Conferences.
  • Seminars.
  • Workshops.
  • Training Courses.

Department of Information

Studies and Research

  • Information.
  • Studies and Research.

Operations Department

  • Financial and Administrative Affairs.
  • Protocol and Public Relations.