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The 16th ATC

décembre 16, 2019 - décembre 19, 2019

The 16th ATC Conference was held in Nouakchott, Islamic Republic of Mauritania, 16-18 December 2019 and the countries that participated in the conference were:  Bangladesh, Iran, Maldives, Mali, Malaysia, Mauritania, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Sudan, Tunisia, and Turkey

Topics Discussed were:

  1. Modernizing Tax System based on Digitalization
  2. Parallel workshop on: Improving    the    Efficiency    of    Tax Collections Through  a  Digitalization  Platform  for  Economic  Activity  Integrated into the Tax Informatization Solution


Début :
décembre 16, 2019
Fin :
décembre 19, 2019
Catégorie d’évènement:


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