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La 1er Conférence technique d’ATAI

octobre 4, 2004 - octobre 7, 2004

Association of Tax Authorities of Islamic Countries - ATAIC

The Association of Tax Authorities for Islamic Countries was established in Pitrojaia, Malaysia, where the 1st ATC was held from 4-7 October 2004. The invitation was extended to all OIC member states and to observers from international tax organizations to participate in this conference. This Founding Agreement was signed by representatives from 13 Islamic countries, namely: (Bangladesh – Brunei – Dar Al Salaam – Indonesia – Jordan –  Kuwait – Lebanon – Malaysia – Morocco – Pakistan – Sudan Tajikistan Yemen)

The Topics Discussed were:

  1. Taxpayer services – Improving tax Administration in order to improve taxpayer services.
  2. The role of zakat in the development of the Islamic nation. A report on “modernization strategies in collection”


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Début :
octobre 4, 2004
Fin :
octobre 7, 2004
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