The Association of Tax Authorities of Islamic Countries (ATAIC) was established and lunched on 15 October 2003 in Petrojaya, Malaysia at the margin of the 10th Summit of the Organization for Islamic Co-operation (OIC), where the 1st Technical Conference was held from 4-7 October 2004.The ATAIC Annual Technical Conference is held once a year on a rotating basis among members.

The conference discussing the Tax challenges that confront tax Systems in Islamic Countries in addition to the methods of modernization of tax policies and legislations. Also the annual conference deals with the means of exchange of experience and enhancing cooperation among the member countries for better capacity building of tax administrations staffs.

The ATAIC Statute was approved in Sudan 2009, and accepted as affiliated body to OIC in the year 2010, Sudan was chosen as the host country for ATAIC Permanent Secretariat – Jordan 2012.

ATAIC held 16 conferences, the last two of which were the 15th and 16th ATC conferences held in Nouakchott, Islamic Republic of Mauritania in the two consecutive years 2018, 2019, as a first precedent in ATAIC history,

The 17th ATC was scheduled to be held in Maldives in 1st half of the year 2020, but according to the global health situation resulted from Covid 19 the conference was postpone, whereas Turkey committed to hold the 18th ATC during the year 2021.


Dr. Mohamed Ali Mustafa  Sharafeldin –  ATAIC Secretary General


The Association of Tax Authorities of Islamic Countries (ATAIC) was established on 15 October 2003 in Petrojaya, Malaysia at the margin of the 10th  Summit of the Organization for Economic Co-operation   (OIC), where the 1st  Technical Conference was held from 4-7 October 2004.

Development in Ataic History:

  • Approval of ATAIC Statute – Sudan 2009
  • Affiliation of ATAIC to OIC – Morocco – 2010
  • Sudan as host of ATAIC Permanent Secretariat – Jordan 2012

The conference discusses the challenges facing the tax systems in the Islamic countries in addition to the techniques of upgrading tax policies and legislations. The conference shall also discuss the annual conference, means of exchange of experiences and enhancement of cooperation among the member countries towards better capacity building for the staff of the taxation departments.


The mission of the ATAIC is to facilitate the improvement of tax administration and promote Sharia taxation with particular reference to Zakat within the Islamic countries، in order to meet the challenges/changes rapidly taking place in the world.


To be a leading international tax organization for enhancing the members’ capacity to collect tax/Zakat revenues, improve taxpayer compliance، reduce administrative burdens and deliver taxpayer services to the highest professional standards.


Professionalism, Cooperation, Mutual Assistance, Transparency, Respect and Justice


  • Provide a forum to discuss, deliberate, share experiences and facilitate the development and improvement of tax and/or zakat policies and administrations in all their aspects within Member Countries.
  • Foster mutual cooperation and assistance among the Tax Authorities in Member and Associate Member Countries and provide a forum for the exchange of experiences and best practices among Members.
  • Recognize the important role of tax and zakat administration in the promotion of economic development.


The activities of the Association may include:

  • Organizing and convening Technical Conferences in tax and/or zakat related issues for the exchange of ideas and experiences. The Technical Conference is to be held on a rotation basis among members.
  • Organizing seminars, workshops and training courses on aspects of tax and/or zakat administration related issues.
  • Collecting, analyzing and disseminating legislative and administrative information on tax and/or zakat.
  • Providing direct technical assistance or collaborating with bilateral and multilateral agencies and generally facilitating work that provides research facilities in the field of tax and/or zakat administration.
  • Carrying out functions related to overall improvement of the capabilities of tax and/or zakat administration through functional cooperation between and among Member Countries.
  • Keeping abreast with all Member Countries as well as with activities of regional tax associations.
  • Creating mechanisms to coordinate and cooperate with related international tax organisations in order to benefit from their experiences in international taxation.
  • Exchange of visits and expertise among Member Countries to develop and improve the efficiency of the administration of tax organisations, and Conducting research and studies in the field of tax systems and policies as well as tax administration and disseminate the relevant outcomes to Member Countries.